Grassroots coalition holds 24hr occupation in front of DNC for Green New Deal

Video-the march to DNC headquarters 57 sec

On Nov 19, a coalition of grassroots groups, Black, Brown and Indigenous leaders from across the nation, marched on the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in Washington to demand that President-Elect Biden and his administration follow through on a bold agenda to address the climate crisis. This began a 24 hour occupation of the space in front of the DNC.

The marchers were later joined by several Members of Congress who support implementing a Green New Deal.

Ta’Sina Sapa Win of the Cheyenne River Grassroots Collective warned that we are nearly OUT of time to deal with the current climate emergency. She said "We are running out of time to save our children’s future and our planet, we must act NOW in order to provide a clean and just world for all."

In case Biden thinks he has won the election and can now toss Black, Brown, and Indigenous people under this bus, he should ponder these words by Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright, Policy Coordinator of Climate Justice Alliance:"“Let’s cut to the chase. Marginalized Black, Brown, and Indigenous folk came out to vote, which is the only reason there will even be a Biden administration. The President-Elect must center these communities and dismantle the root causes of interlinked crises including COVID and climate change - white ‘supremacy,’ patriarchy, and colonization. He can demonstrate that, ‘he’ll always have our backs’ by scaling up frontline solutions through a Green New Deal rooted in a Just Transition for workers and communities, anchored by the eight pillars of the THRIVE Agenda and the 14 planks for Regenerative Economies. Our lives, our people and our solutions must be respected and seen, every day, as important as our votes every two and four years."

The above warning from Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright means business: Had Green New Deal advocates stayed home or voted for 3ed parties more truly reflecting their needs, Biden would have lost the election and the Trump nightmare would continue. Both Biden and the CEO class Democrats he represents thus "owe a favor" to Indigenous, urban, and environmental groups whose members held their noses and voted for Biden to stop Trump. They can make or break the Democrats in the 2022 mid-term. Also the Democrats also need to remember that even if Trump is dragged out of the White House by the Secret Service or the US Marshalls on Jan 20 at Noon, either he or one of his stooges will be running against Biden in 2024. Biden NEEDS progressives to stay in office, if he turns his back on the Green New Deal he could go "4 and out" just like Trump.

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