Proud Boys Throw Beer Cans at Indymedia videographer prior to assault on DC streets

Video-Proud Boys miss twice throwing beer cans at journalist Luke Kuhn 17 sec

Late night on the 14th of November, Proud Boys at a hotel threw two beer cans at journalist Luke Kuhn, missing with both throws. The jounalist responded to the first terrible throw by making a second pass on the Nazis, and the second miss with a third pass.

The third pass the Proud Boys abandoned throwing things as just too difficult for them, and instead charged out to block the streets. The cameraman then accelerated the bike to ram through them but was kicked down and then kicked by 3-5 Proud Boys at least one with a steel toe boot. This violent beating by multiple enemies failed to prevent the cameraman from returning to the battlefield for more action that night.

Looks like the Proud Boys simply cannot fight, especially when they are drunk. A single well-placed kick with a steeltoe boot should put an opponent down for the count, but the Proud Boys could not do this, just like they cannot hit with a thrown beer can.

Hopefully their rifle, shotgun, and pistol shooting is no better. They also stabbed at least two people the same night, only to find that one of their intended victims was wearing stab-resistant body armor that stopped the knife cold. The other was seriously injured.

All this suggests that if the Proud Boys go up against properly trained anti-Fascist warriors with the same equipment and numbers, they will get their asses kicked. That goes double if they persist in drinking before instead of after fighting!

One of the Proud Boys winds up for Missed Beer Can Toss #2

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