Video: MAGAt mess on BLM Plaza as trumpers tear down signs, confront progressive protesters

Video-Luke Kuhn confronts Trumper w faux Greek helmet and shield 54sec

Video-cops push progressive protesters after Proud Boys throw water 1 min 34 sec, by Black House News

On the 13th of November, supporters of defeated lame-duck "President" Trump descended on Black Lives Matter Plaza. They tore signs off two sections of fence and harassed Refuse Fascism, Extinction Rebellion and migrant rights protesters.

Cops too participated in this mess. When the TPS (temporary protected status) caravan arrived, a cop detained one of the trucks for a conveniently-timed "safety" inspection. Oh well-it has been said that "cops and the Klan work hand in hand" for decades and on Nov 13th this was on open display on 16th st between K and L where the truck was pulled over.

The Trump supporter with faux Greek helmet, shield

Overall view of the Plaza. Refuse Fascism was at times nearly surrounded by Trumpers

Someone invoked armed struggle

Signs were again stripped off of two sections of fence. They were then thrown on the ground, violating DC littering laws

Torn-down signs from the fence were recovered so they could again be put back up

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