Long-shot GOP case to toss out Obamacare draws protesters to Supreme Court

Video-dancers at the Supreme Court 42 sec

On the 10th of November, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case brought by GOP politicians in Texas hoping to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Protesters gathered outside, mixing speeches with dances and warning that 20M US residents could lose their health insurance if the ACA is overturned.

Reports from inside is that the justices were very skeptical of the arguments raised by Texas and unlikely to throw out the ACA. Texas is attempting to argue that Trump's tax bill lowering the ACA tax penatly for not having health insurance to $0 negates previous Supreme Court decisions upholding the ACA as an excercise of the power to tax. That of course was a challenge to the individual mandate penalty, which since it does not now exist should have no effect on the rest of the law's constitution status, and when it did exist was upheld as a tax. Thus, Texas is unlikely to prevail.

Scene outside the Supreme Court about 10:30AM

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