Police attack on DC Fuck the Police march fails

Video-police attack fails, ends in retreat as marchers scream "MOVE BACK!" 1 min 20 sec

On the night of Nov 7, a "Fuck the Police" march took to gentrified parts of DC chanting "Same shit, different President!" A police attempt to forcibly stop the march on 18th st was defeated.

During the pass through 18th st in Adams-Morgan, marchers opened a lane up the center to let a car out. Police then pounced, pushing through with bike cops followed by cruisers. The bike cops then turned and attempted to forcibly halt the march. A stout line of protest bikers stood up to them and put them to flight, shouting "MOVE BACK!" In seconds the cops gave up, turned away and retreated.

Bike cops turn, try to block march after exploiting a lane opened to let out a car

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