Defeat of Trump in election triggers VJ-Day style celebrations in DC

Video: celebrations in DC, Luke on the 4 hard years to get here and what's next 1 min 33 sec

Just before Noon on Sat, Nov 7, the big corporate media outlets called Penn and the entire election for Biden. With Trump facing defeat unless GOP state legislatures throw out the votes, DC broke into huge street celebrations reminescent of the end of the Second World War Four years of Fascist terror have hopefully come to an end in the US.

Celebrations continued all day and far into the night. Sometime around midnight, fireworks blazed into the sky from Black Lives Matter Plaza. This site has seen so much battle and police brutality. Perhaps the most notorious incident was the June 1 tear gas attack and Trump's Bible-thumping photo op at St John's church. Now peaceful fireworks explode in celebration rather than being used to return fire against rubber bullets, tear gas, and stingball or flashbang grenades hurled by police.

This is not over: Trump is refusing to concede, and even if Biden is inaugurated, this will be like WWII ending only to have the Cold War start right up. Biden will have to be forced to halt deportations, defund Federal police agencies such as CPB, ICE, and the US Marshall's service, close Federal prisons, ban fracking, cancel FERC permits for pipelines, end mining on Indigenous lands, etc. He talks the talk on climate change but for him to walk the walk will require going back on corporate sponsors who bailed on Trump because he became too destabilizing.

The scene on 16th st at K st facing Black Lives Matter Plaza. Trump to be evicted from the White House on Jan 20

The crowd on H st. Almost all wore masks

The Trump Rat and Moechella's go-go truck returned to McPherson Square

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