Protesters march giant inflatable Trump-headed rat through the streets

Video-Trump Rat in march set to "Trump is a rat" song 1 min 14 sec

A march from the ongoing events at McPherson Square to the White House featured a giant inflatable Trump-headed rat. This is symbolic among other things of Trump's insults about Baltimore and urban residents last year. The count continued as this was written, with Trump fuming about having GOP state legislatures toss out the votes and submit GOP electors anyway.

Taking the election away from Biden by having states throw away votes already cast and just submit the choices of GOP state legislatures would be incredibly destablizing. Violent street battles would be a near certainty and outright civil war not an impossible outcome of this sort of brazen, dictatorial seizure of power.

Lyrics to original "Trump is a Rat" song nspired by Trump's harassment of Baltimore and used as video backing track:

Trump is a Rat! Trump is a Rat! Thinks he's our president but he is a rat!
Torches he lit, with his racist tweets-Thinks he's our president but he is a rat!
Trump is a Rat, Pepe's a frog, working together and trashing our town.
They stand side by side, torches in hand, burning with hatred and dumping on us!

New boards are new canvas for art!

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