Sun night reportback from 4D: cops avoid confrontation, hide inside station

On the 1st of November, MPD finally realized that police aggression against protests for Karon Hylton was just bringing people back to 4D night after night. Bike cops stayed out of sight while riot cops hid in the darkened and apparently mostly shut-down police station.

After a bit of buildup time, protesters started calling out the police for their brutality and demanding that Jason Bagshaw face protesters-and that Officer Sutton be fired be held accountable. Not only did he murder Karon Hylton, he has harassed Black residents of the area for years and years. Ofc Sutton is a menace to the community. At the end of the night, protesters were able to disengage peacefully, MPD having run out of appetite for a fight or possibly saving it for the election.

On the following day, the US Attorney's Office dropped the charges against Charles Brown (Karon Hylton's father) stemming from the Halloween kettle and selective arrests that had swept him up. Probably any attempt to further harass members of Karon Hylton's in court have been deemed to hot to handle. The surrounding community has shown they will NOT tolerate any more of this kind of harassment by showing up night after night to protest.

A protester's flashlight reveals riot cops behind the window in this darkened police station

Only a few cops showed themselves outside 4D

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