Pro-Rojava rally held in front of Turkish Ambassador's residence

The 1st of November was an international day of solidarity with Rojava the YPG and the YPJ. Here in DC, a protest rally was held in front of the Turkish Ambassador's residence in Sheridan Circle. This was the site of the infamous May 2017 international incident where Erdogan's security guards beat and kicked Kurdish protesters during Erdogan's visit to Trump.

Protesters chanted among other things "ISIS made in Turkey" pointing out that Erdogan has been supporting theocratic terrorists in Syria as part of his war against the Kurdish people. There are in fact few ideological differences between Erdogan and Daesh/ISIS. Although theocracy is to the right of Fascism, the fight against Erdogan is generally considered an anti-Fascist fight as well due to the Turkish police state. Thus, antifa and YPG flags were flown side by side at the DC rally.

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