Police kettle Karon Hylton protesters, Bagshaw points out 8 for arrest

Ford Fischer's video of Lt Bagshaw in the kettle directing use of 4 man arrest teams 58 sec

On the 31st of October, Karon Hylton protesters were at MPD's 4D station from before 8PM until about midnight. At one point, police claim protesters threw eggs at the station. In response, bike cops kettled the entire protest, and Lt Bagshaw pointed out 8 people including Karon Hylton's father for arrest.

Later in the evening, Karon's mother again led protesters back to the station to keep the pressure on, and traded off the bullhorn with a supporter. The bike cops that carried out the kettle stayed back but menacingly in the area, a block north and a second set partially hiding behind the north wall of the 4D stationhouse. A police photographer was visible on the roof with a large camera on a tripod. The past week's siege of 4D has essentially shut the station down after dark, forcing cops instead to defend the darkened building. In addition, all these cops are effectively kept off the street so far as the rest of the city is concerned.

Unlike Wed night when the station took that direct hit from a fireworks blast, this time around the crowd was far smaller. As a result, when Bagshaw's kettle closed, the numbers were not available to physically force the kettle open and escape. While arrests also took place Wed night, the cops had to give some to get some that night and they won't be forgetting it anytime soon. Had the same numbers been present for Saturday night, MPD could have been given an even bigger spanking for their careless and murderous pursuit of Karon Hylton supposedly for riding a scooter without a helmet. As it was, the fact that the rest of the protesters could not escape the kettle may have backfired on MPD: once the targetted arrests were done, the rest of the protesters stayed on the scene and the protest continued. A defeated kettle would have been followed by a pursuit with protesters having to escape the area.

Lt Bagshaw(police intelligence) in the kettle about to call for 4 man snatch/arrest teams (still from Ford Fischer video)

After the kettle, bike cops pulled back but stayed menacingly visible, like stalking predators on a hunt

Police cameraman on 4D's roof

Continuing to call out MPD for murder even after a kettle cost protesters 8 arrests

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