White supremacists march Thin Blue Line flag through BLM Plaza

On the 31st of October, apparent white nationalists marched a "thin blue line" flag through BLM Plaza, causing an urgent call for defenders to mobilize and prevent the signs from being torn off the H st fence a second time. One person has scissors but was prevented from vandalizing the signs. The reported presence in the right-wing group of a "Kekistan" (Pepe the Frog) flag identifies them as white nationalists.

Fascists marching a giant "thin blue line" pro-police flag through BLM Plaza

One of the white supremacists stencilled "Trump Lives Matter" on H st just past BLM Plaza. Someone managed to clean up most of the word "Trump"

Black House News photo of culprit in "Trump Lives Matter" incident with the offending stencil at what looks like Harry's Bar (again...)

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