MPD Lt Bagshaw refuses to speak to Karon Hylton's mother on Night 4 of protests

Video: Bagshaw won't answer questions for Karon's mother and protesters 1 min

On the 30th of October, Lt Bagshaw (w NO mask) showed up at the 4D protests for Karon Hylton. He repeated refused to answer questions from Karon's mother, ultimately causing the situation to escalate yet again. At least one arrest reported.

Note that Lt Bagshaw gives new meaning to "unmasking the police" by on the one hand refusing to wear a mask over his COVID-spreading face and on the other hand refusing to discuss the crimes of Officer Sutton with Karon Hylton's mother. Bagshaw works Intelligence for MPD, and his main job is spying on protesters in an attempt to determine who is to be next for targetted arrests, warrants, house raids, etc. Perhaps he figures that murder(especially by his own gang) is just too big a crime for him to get involved in solving?

Lt Bagshaw showed up, but refused to talk

This is the McDonald's just south of 4D where young children were MACED BY MPD on Wed night. Boarded up but open.

Bike cops on the scene early: note the two boarded up windows and one boarded up door behind them

These boards make the precinct look so much nicer...

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