Protesters beseige MPD 4D station, smash windows. Both parents of Karon Hylton maced

Video posted by Toni to twitter-cops mace Karon's Mom 44 seconds

On Tuesday, Oct 27, Karon Hylton's parents showed up at MPD's 4D station, demanding to see the officer (Officer Sutton) who killed their son on Saturday. Community residents protested outside in support. Something happened that infuriated protesters.

They surrounded the door, smashed the station's windows and Ga Ave blew up. Soon, riot cops were detonating flashbangs and firing tear gas. During the protest, both of Karon Hylton's parents were maced by police.

The protest began at about 6:30PM, with local residents supporting Karon Hylton's parents as they showed up at MPD with their demands. Karon's mother was maced after having been permitted to see the video of the police chase that killed her son. She left the station, naturally very upset after watching the video of her son's death and was quickly maced. It is unclear from news reports if this incident was the trigger for the crowd turning on the station, smashing the windows, and reportedly attempting to storm the building.

By the time the night was over, MPD claimed four of their officers had been taken down by rocks thrown by protesters. At least one police car was trashed in addition to the damage to the police station itself. There are claims the window smashing occurred during an attempt to storm the police station. Once again, MPD was firing flashbang grenades, smoke bombs, and tear gas, just like from May 29-June 1. Late in the night, there was even a "sucker-punch" style incident where two more protesters were maced with no warning whatsoever with no apparent provocation.

The cops claim they chased Karon Hylton for nothing more than riding an electric scooter without a helmet in presumed defiance of DC's minimum age law to ride a scooter without a helmet. The chase led to his death in a crash. On Jan 4, 2020, I myself was threatened with being rammed/run over by multiple police cruisers during a chase while on a bicycle. I can thus directly verify that MPD acts this way. In addition, one of the protesters said Officer Sutton (Karon Hylton's murderer) has a history of harassing area residents since before she was born. Apparently in the eyes of police, a Black man can now be executed in the street (or the sidewalk) for nothing more than riding a scooter, bicycle, or anything else without a helmet. If MPD wants helmets, helmets they may well get: black helmets on protesters in full riot gear, just like when the uprising began in May.

With a week to the election and downtown businesses already boarding up, DC has now joined Philidelphia as a city in uprising against fresh police brutality and murder. In both cities protesters are expected to return on Oct 28, for the second night in DC and third night in Philadelphia. Here in DC, protesters are being asked to return to 4D at 7PM for the second night of protests.

Riot cops on Georgia Ave

MPD's 4D station with window on left smashed out (ALL the way out, see the jagged edge by the frame)

Getting ready to board up MPD's 4D station. Why not board up all the rest while they are at it

This is the man who murdered Karon Hylton

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