Mitch McConnell gets AM home demo, Trump booed at Supreme Court

Video: intensely LOUD protest at Mitch McConnell's house 1 min 2 sec

On the 24th of September, GOP Senate "Majority" leader Mitch McConnell got a AM protest in front of his house, complete with go-go band Moechella and protesters banging pots and pans. Later that morning, some of the same protesters greeted Trump at his Supreme Court visit with a chorus of boos and chants of "vote him out!"

Protesters were there to warn Mitch not to attempt to ram through Trump's expected Supreme Court nominee prior to the election, although many other problems with Mitch McConnell came up.

In front of Mitch's house

In front of Mitch's house

Leaving Stanton Park on the way to Mitch's house

Banging pots on the way in

Seen at the protest

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