Extinction Rebellion DC sets off smoke flares in Adams-Morgan over wildfires

On the 20th of September, Extinction Rebellion DC (XRDC) marched from Malcolm X Park through the 18th st restaurant area and other upscale area around Adams-Morgan and nearby. At several stops they played recorded sounds of wildfires and fired smoke flares to dramatize the West coast fires "sparked by money and greed."

These wildfires are unusually severe, and are caused by extreme climate conditions (dry/hot/windy) that have occurred this year. Human-caused climate change is widely suspected of being behind this. The smoke has reached Europe and scientists say it will entirely circle the planet.

As for the rich people in the restauants, surely they would agree that smoke flare smoke smells a lot better than the tear gas that has permeated entire neighborhoods in Portland, now with a side order of wood smoke from the wildfires. Their greed struck the matches in any case.

XRDC pops smoke on 18th st to draw attention to the role of climate change in sparking wildfires

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