Video: Cops fire gas, rubber pucks at marchers on BLM Plaza 2nd night in a row

Video: police attack marchers for 2nd night in a row 2 min

On the 30th of August, DC police assaulted protesters on Black Lives Matter Plaza with tear gas and rubber pucks fired from guns for the 2nd night in a row. Shortly therafter, bike cops attacked, making multiple violent arrests. A total of 14 arrests were reported by the end of the night.

Reports are at least five people were arrested, and one person had to be taken out on a stretcher. DC's police are proving themselves to be quite violent, as has long been known in the neighborhoods.

Tear gas rises over Black Lives Matter Plaza as cops open up on protesters(Photo by Alejandro Alvarez)

Due to previous police violence, the original march out of the plaza, through rich neighborhoods and back was well protected w shields and umbrellas up front.(Photo by Alejandro Alvarez)

When the march got back to BLM Plaza things escalated, soon the cops were shooting tear gas and rubber pucks again(Photo by Alejandro Alvarez)

The gas and projectile attack was followed up by violent arrests by bike cops (photo by Kitty Shackleford)

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