DHS boss Chad Wolf gets second protest at his Alexandria house

Video-A speaker's firsthand report from Portland, and Luke on reports of the tear gas spreading covid 2 min 40 sec

Department of Homeland Security acting secretary Chad Wolf is responsibe for everything from Customs and Border Patrol BORTAC teams gassing medics in Portland to ICE and CBP sending children to concentration camps to die of COVID-19. On the 9th of August, protesters showed up at his house for the second time in just over two weeks.

Chad's neighbors openly supported the protesters, no doubt disgusted by his activities. A medic who served in Portland for a week spoke about being tear gassed and shot in the leg with a rubber bullet by Chad Wolf's thugs while she was there. Another speaker reminded everyone that the US has signed the Geneva Conventions and thus cannot legally use chemical weapons and shoot at medics on the battlefield. Thus, protesters are being treated more brutally than the US is permitted to treat "enemy combatants" in open warfare. The question becomes at what threshold does a situation like Portland become defined as war and Chad Wolf expose himself to international prosecution for war crimes.

The ugly history of Fascism was mentioned repeatedly at the protest.While Trump has not succeeded in mobilizing the entire US public into "everything inside the state, nothing outside the state" support for himself and the police, this is certainly not for lack of trying. Concentration camps, war crimes, and violent assaults on medics and the press are common symptoms of Fascism for sure. Also there is Mussolini's statement "Fascism should really be called corporatism" by which he (the founder and definer of Fascism) meant the mergers of all corporations within each industry plus their merger with the government. This sort of thing sounds awful familiar in the US.

As for exactly what role Chad Wolf plays in Trump's attempt to impose Fascism, at this time he is basically the head of the secret police, the dictator's private army. He is in charge of the use of direct Federal force to smash out dissent, and in charge of the concentration camps used against Latinx migrants. He is a fitting target for residential protests, which take the fight directly to the Enemy's doorstep.

Protesters outside Chad Wolf's Alexandria home

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