Housing activists run off attempted illegal eviction in Chillum, MD

Video: defending the house, and reading the laws the landlord is violating 4 min 38 sec

On the last day of July, landlord Bob Miley showed up in Chillum, MD with the intent of illegally evicting tenants of a house he "owns." He saw from the end of the block that the area was packed with protesters and beat a hasty retreat. With no court order he could not get police help for his failed attempt to change the locks.

Knowing the eviction attempt is illegal under multiple MD state laws, activists blocked all access to the house except for the tenants, and confidently prepared to hold their ground. The MD Real Property Act specifically forbids changing locks to force out tenants. In addition, it takes 30 days notice by MD law just to FILE court papers for eviction, then another 30 days before an eviction can be carried out.

View from the front line, where activists were ready and waiting to physically prevent the landlord from illegally changing the locks

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