Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf gets protesters at his house over Portland outrages

Video from Twitter clips: Chad must experience "social consequences" for Portland 31 sec

DHS acting secretary Chad Wolf is in charge of deployments of Fedral troops to Portland and elsewhere. He also has called all protesters "Violent anarchists" regardless of tactics. On Sunday, July 26 protesters responded by gathering outside his house. Calls were made for him to experience "social consequences" for his crimes against the people.

Gassing, beating, and kidnapping protesters is like killing puppies: Those who do and especially those who ORDER this can be and and usually are found, and once found can be named and shamed in front of all their neighbors. The Daily Caller's white supremacist scumbag Tucker Carlson had to sell his house to evade protesters even though the protests were nonviolent. Perhaps Chad Wolf will have to do the same? Certainly his neighbors have the right to understand just what kind of monster lives among him. Once they do, all those wine and cheese invites are sure to dry up.

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