FTP March repeatedly defeats bike cops after probable undercovers start incidents

Video-FTP march defeats bike cops w help from own bikes 1 min 43 sec

On the evening of the 25th of July, an FTP (Fuck the Police) march took to the streets in solidarity with Portland and with all those murdered by police. Undercover cops in the march repeated started trouble, at one point even managing to steer the march into what was supposed to be a trap. Only problem for the cops was that determined protesters kept defeating the bike cops who were supposed to spring those traps.

The march had it's own bicycle cavalry, more skilled and with more courage than the biker cops. Bikers routinely responded to any probes or aggression by cops on bikes, in some cases using a line of nose-to-tail bikes to keep cops out of the protest. The was expecially important in defeating the trap on that narrow ramp. Every "joust" seemed to end the same way, with the bike cops slinking away and riding out of sight, only to reappear the next time someone could gin up an excuse for an attempted attack.None of these attacks were successful.

The march began at Dupont, and soon ended up at Logan Circle. Marchers there climbed the statue, and cops must have though the ropes would be out in minutes. Nothing happened there, and marchers went south, passing Trump Hotel in another feint. The real target was the headquarters of the Federal Protective Service.

Getting to FPS took longer than expected, due in part to someone NOT part of the march (thus a presumed cop or fash) telling marchers from the back to "slow down." Also there was that first showdown on Constitution Ave over a surrounded cop car, leading to the first defeat of the bike cops. Shortly therafter came a deliberately reckless motorcycle rider, zooming as close to protesters without striking anyone as he could. MPD of course took no action, and there were concerns he was another provocateur.

Marchers got to FPS and held a "mic-check" there, but the second target (Customs and Border "Protection") was bypassed because cops in the march were causing too many incidents and although protesters had won them all so far, the risk of another incident was considered unacceptable, so the march went straight back to Black Lives Matter Plaza instead.

There was another motor vehicle incident about an hour after the march ended, when a "Karen" (racist white woman) in Georgetown with protesters in front of her car asking her to back up instead gunned the engine and rammed them, at least three times. Somehow there are no reports of anyone ending up in the hospital. Needless to say, the driver didn't go to jail either, being on the same side as the cops.

One of several front lines where bike cops attempted to control or shut down protesters but failed

Bicycle cavalry responds as police bikers attempt to cut off the lead of the march (as they would for a kettle or a fake kettle)

Biker cops in full retreat after furious protesters advance on them

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