FTP March ends in Defund MPD home demo against Councilmember Allen

DC Councilmember Charles Allen has equated bills to cut MPD funding anywhere from 2% to 15% with defunding the department entirely. On the 25th of June, a "Fuck the Police" march ended at his home demanding the complete, 100% abolition of the police department. This was the second night in a row the Councilmember received a home demo around this issue.

The scene outside Councilmember Allen's house as the FTP march culminated there

The "Defund MPD" murel on 5th st NE in front of Councilmember Allen's home was painted the previous night

The march set out from Dupont Circle shortly after 7PM. Another will be on Saturday, June 27 agan from Dupont at 7PM

First target was the upscale Pisco Y Nazco restaurant, where protesters entered the establishment and read off a list of Black and Brown people murdered by police

Second major target was a Whole Foods on H st NE, called out for gentrifying neighborhoods and routinely calling the cops on Black youth and black homeless people

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