Protesters again recover Black House Autonomous Zone from police

As night fell on June 24, protesters again were in posession of the Black House Autonomous Zone at and around 16th and H sts. Police attempted to provoke multiple incidents, in one case assaulting an elder and in another assaulting a medic. Nothing gave them enough for Mayor Bowser to order another assault on the position.

Just before one of the "incidents" on H st, police cars had screamed down 16th st and occupied 16th between I and K st, only to flee as protesters rushed up to meet them. The hasty retreat of the police suggests this was a diversion, as was the same convoy of cop cars screaming from area to area keeping residents awake with their sirens. Then came the incident on H st, where again protesters charged towards an incident of police brutality, and again police withdrew behind a hasty barricade of bike cops. After that incident came word a medic had been assaulted by police.

There was no visible sign of the 400 DC National Guard supposedly mobilized on a statue protection mission in response to the efforts to pull down the Andrew Jackson statue and successful pulling down of the Albert Pike statue right outside MPD's main headquarters.

Trump's wall, second version again being decorated in one section

Cops wall off St John's church, site of Trump's infamous gas attack on peaceful protesters so he could cross H st to speak there

Bike cops ride into the St John's area

Bike cops walling off the Vermont and H area after a police-initiated incident there for the second night in a row

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