Trump's soldiers confront peaceful protesters at George Floyd Uprising Day Six

On the 3d of June, National Guard troops from GOP states physically pushed through a crowd of Floyd George protesters standing between their busses and the White House. Protesters marched and rallied all day and the only threats came from Trump, the military, and the police.For all the theats and an 11PM curfew, marchers stayed out until 2AM or later.

Video of troops pushing through protesters, riot cops with grenade launchers behind shields 2 min 11 sec

Troops labelled "US Army" push through the crowd. This turned into a shoving match at the end

Meanwhile, the forces of Justice for George Floyd appeared to have exactly ONE shield for thousands of people. Hundreds were potentially needed after the early AM rubber bullet and pepperball barrage from Lafayette Square

Soldiers head into the White House area down Vermont Ave for their deployment.

Donald Trump has shown by his actions that he favors use of the US military to assault and destroy peaceful protests like this one

Riot cops with what appear to be 40mm grenade launchers behind their shields. These can fire tear gas grenades, rubber bullets-or if so ordered, high explosive/fragmentation grenades. Frags have yet to be used on protests in the US

DC Indymedia reporter on the front line

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