Beyond Extreme Energy disrupts FERC meeting, forces delay of Jordan Cove LNG decision

Video: BXE disrupt FERC, a protesters is dragged out the door 1 min 22 sec

On the 20th of Feb, Beyond Extreme Energy disrupted FERC's monthly pipeline and gas/oil facility permit issuing meeting. Twelve protesters were dragged out of the meeting. The protest delayed the start of the meeting and had the further effect of forcing a delay of Jordan Cove LNG export terminal permit decision.

Protesters are demanding that FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) be transformed into FREC (the Federal Renewable Energy Commission), which would no doubt require replacing the commissioners. It has been very rare for FERC to do anything other than rubberstamp pipelines etc, though one LNG facility has been stopped and there is now one dissenting commissioner against the usual rubber stamp behavior.

The scene inside the FERC meeting (BXE photo)

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