Kremlin Annex protests Trump's pardons for corporate criminals and corrupt politicians

Update: Roger Stone gets 40 months prison, Trump tweets of possible pardon

Video: the scene as the Kremlin Annex began their protest of Trump's pardons 1 min 21 sec

On the 18th of February, "Kremlin Annex" protesters (exiled by sound permit fees to H st) demanded that Trump's Attorney General Bob Barr resign in the wake of Trump's pardons for major corporate criminals and corrupt politicians. Pardons for Trump's convicted team members like Roger Stone are expected next.

The Park Service has found a way to force the Kremlin Annex protest to H st, further back from the White House. They demanded that a PAID sound permit be bought for amplified sound (the sound system) if they protest in Lafayette Square. Any such payment would endanger other protests, and the Kremlin Annex has instead moved to the H st sidewalk.

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