Ferguson Solidarity march shuts down H st on Saturday night

On Saturday night, the 30th of August, Ferguson solidarity marchers assembled at Union Station, then marched on H Streen NE, shutting it down for over two hours. Cops were blocked from hassling stragglers and many bystanders joined the march. Eventually the march grew to a length of about two blocks of people taking the whole street.

The march was sponsored by the National Black United Front, ANSWER Coalition, WE ACT Radio,and the Party for Socialism and Liberation

1 min 20 sec video, clips cut from "DC Solidarity by Stream" coverage posted by "Gen Knox"

Alchymedia full HD Video of the Shut Down H Street march for Ferguson

Ustream video of most of the march-recorded live, well over two hours

Very good Youtube video of same protest published Mon, Sep 1

First embedded video is the 1 min 20 second video made from the Ustream clips, the second one is the full HD Empower DC video(Reuse terms on Empower DC video are Attribution, Non-Commercial CC BY-NC

Photo cropped from Ben Norton Twitter feed, original credit given to Omar Alzayat

Photo by Flugennock

Photo by Zangas

Creative Commons Licence