Reportback from counterprotests as Trump speaks, fascists march in anti-choice parade

Video-MAGA hatters, fash, and apparent Christian milita in antichoice parade 2 min 28 sec

On the 24th of January, what used to be the annual Roe V Wade anniversary anti-choice parade marched two days late. Donald Trump spoke at their rally, MAGA hats appeared in the parade(though not all that densely), and flat-out fascists marched in the parade. Counterdemonstrators condemned their hypocrisy in front of the Supreme Court

One marcher appeared in Patriot Prayer gear, and a fascist who harassed an Indymedia reporter at the impeachment day rally made a repeat appearance, spouting about libel vs slander. Both (print and spoken defamatory lies) have widely been deployed against the Indymedia reporter in question.

A large crew of antichoice marchers wore the Knights Hospitaller Jt John maltese cross. That order no longer exists, it was a military order of the Catholic Church during the Crusades, essentially a theocratic militia of that time period. One person in that badge showed the true spirit of crusade and theocracy with his failed attempt to grab an Indymedia reporter's camera

Patriot Prayer (founded by Joey Gibson) often appears with the Proud Boys and has been involved in several major West Coast battles

General scene around the Patriot Prayer hat wearer

Confirmed Patriot Prayer hat

This man was extremely aggressive, attempted to grab an Indymedia reporters camera. His clothing is consistant with some kind of militia group, affiliation unknown as this is posted

More folks in the same garb as the man who tried to grab the camera

This man also harassed an Indymedia reporter, spouting about the Deploraball etc. Repeat offender, he did the same at the Impeachment Day rally in December

Scene at the Supreme Court prior to the arrival of the main anti-choice parade

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