4th annual Women's March takes to the streets amid scattered right-wing crazies

Video-scenes from the Women's March including the right-wing extremist counterprotesters 1 min 42 sec

On the 18th of January, the 4th annual Women's March took to the streets for a march all the way around the White House. Far-right counterprotesters included antichoice banner holders shut down by a single pair of anarchists, and some Alex Jones supporters (and supposedly Alex Jones himself) in an armored truck.

The starting rally featured a performance of the "A Rapist in Your Path" theater piece. It was performed a second time after the march broke from their official route to stop by Trump Hotel. Alejandro Alvarez's Twitter post w video of the Trump Hotel performance

That armored truck used by Alex Jones and his minions raises concerns about possible use of armored fighting vehicles by extreme-right/white nationalist milita elements in Richmond on Jan 20. This will be exactly three years after J20, one year before J20/2021, two and a half years after Charlottesville. The FBI and police agencies have caught some of the dumber Nazis with illegal automatic weapons and other banned hardware who are calling for violence, but the "smarter"(in a relative sense) fascists might not even be known to the FBI. Some for that matter could be inside the FBI, inside the Virginia State Police, or inside the Richmond Police Department.

Women's March participant calls Trump a "Shithole President"

Gathering for the march as Trump Hotel looms in the distance

The march begins

Anarchists with a banner block the view of a gory anti-choice banner. The antichoice banner was soon furled up and removed by its owners as it had been made ineffective.

Armored vehicle used by Alex Jones supporters to counterprotest the Women's March

Another view, same sorry excuse for a tank

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