11 arrests in Hart, Russell buildings in Remove Trump "Swarm the Senate" protests

Video from the Hart Building disruption originally posted to Twitter by Andrew Worthmann(14 sec)

Since Jan 6, Remove Trump has held daily "Swarm the Senate" protests on Capitol Hill demanding the Senate remove Donald Trump from office. On Thursday, Jan 16, these protests escalated to civil disobedience and 11 arrests as Senators were formally sworn in for Trump's post-impeachment trial. A conviction on either article of impeachment removes him from office.

There were six arrests in the Russell Building, and another 5 in the Hart Building. At one point, protesters entered the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, demanding he recuse himself from the trial presumalby as he is simply too close to Donald Trump.


"Trump is Guilty" banner in the Hart Senate Office Building (Photo by Remove Trump)

The article in the US Constitution concerning impeachment on display in the Hart Building atrium (Photo by Remove Trump)

Protesters demand Mitch McConnell recuse himself from Trump's impeachment trial

Protesters march to the Senate Office buildings for the Jan 16 Swarm The Senate protests

45 Removal Squad in the house (actually the Senate)

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