Protests shift focus to removal after impeachment of Donald Trump

Video: The Dec 26 Kremlin Annex Protest-and a disruptor 1 min 23 sec

After the Dec 18 impeachment of Donald Trump, groups holding protests calling for impeachment pivoted to the next stage of removing him from office: a vote in the Senate to remove him from office. At least 20 GOP Senators will have to have their feet held to the fires of popular disgust with Trump to remove him prior to Jan 20, 2021.

One of the great many groups demanding the removal of Donald Trump from office is the Dem/Indivisible aligned "Kremlin Annex" protesters who have dogged the White House since the July 2018 Trump/Putin Summit. They were out on Dec 26 focussing on removal and in addition calling out Mitch McConnell for all the OTHER legislation he has been blocking.

The Remove Trump protests will also be starting up again, with a "Swarm the Senate" campaign beginning on Jan 6 when Congress returns after their winter break. Their call to action says to "Gather at the Hart Building (2nd and Constitution Ave) every day from Jan 6 onward.

Disruptors, agent provocateurs, and outright fascists are increasingly seeking to disrupt and create incidents at protests against Donald Trump. Outright fascist videographers were present at the November Remove Trump protests that marched on Trump Hotel and on the White House with Jane Fonda. There was a tiny but boisterous "fascist and Magat" counterprotest against the Dec 18 pro-impeachment rally at the US Capitol. On Dec 26, true to from, one person persistantly sought to disrupt the Kremlin Annex protest, and several passers-by also yelled pro-Trump slogans. This no doubt will heat up a lot as the 2020 election year gets going. Few have forgotten Trump's explicit calls for violence against protesters at his 2016 campaign rallies.

"Kremlin Annex" protesters on Dec 26

Time to dump the garbage!

From successful impeachment to removal

This man attempted to disrupt the Dec 26 "Kremlin Annex" protest and appeared to support Donald Trump

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