Breaking: House Judiciary Committee passes both articles of impeacment

On Friday. Dec 13, the House Judiciary Committe voted to approve two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. One is for abuse of power (he used the Presidency for personal gain) and the other is for obstruction of Congress. This sets up a floor vote on impeachment next week

If the articles of impeachment pass the full House (and they are expected to), this sets up a Senate vote to remove Donald Trump from office. Since the GOP has decided to stick with Trump no matter how fast his ship is sinking, removing Trump in January 2020 instead of January 2021 will be a heavy lift. Even if he survives, this process will energize voters on both ends of the spectrum. That in turn will increase pressure on the Democrats to nominate a presidential candidate who can motivate their base and drive turnout in a polarized environment. Nominating Bloomberg (polling at 4%) or Biden could hand the White House right back to Donald Trump.

Yet another possiblity exists(though not a likely one yet): Trump is removed from office but still receives the GOP nomination for the 2020 election and attempts to return to power. To prevent this, the Senate would not only have to remove Trump from office, but disqualify him from ever running again. This was NOT proposed against even Richard Nixon.

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