DC Bike Party rides to bike-themed "Light Battle" at Georgetown Glow

Video: DC Bike Party rides to "Light Battle" 2 min 32 sec

On the 11th of December, the last DC Bike Party of the year took to the streets. After an uphill run via Mass Ave and some side streets to Wisconsin Ave, the ride stopped at "Light Battle" at Georgetown Glow. This artwork features two teams of stationary bikes and an arch of pulsing LED lights.

At "Light Battle," two teams try by riding their stationary bikes at higher total power than each other to push the pulsing LED lights to the other team's side of the arch. The bikes used are classic steel Dutch-style coaster-brake cruisers clamped in place with rollers under the rear wheels.

After the stop at "Light Battle," the ride continued through DC streets to a final destination on U street. The next DC Bike Party will be the Organizer's ride in March, and the next fully promoted ride will not be until April 2020.

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