We, Yellow Vests of All France, speak out to all the peoples in revolt! On the occasion of the first anniversary of our movement on November 16th & 17th, we dedicate our celebration to all the popular risings in the world.A year ago, we, Yellow Vests, rose up for social justice, fiscal justice, ecological justice, direct democracy, freedom and dignity, in order to become masters of our future.A year later, numerous uprisings are taking place everywhere around the world, in Chile, Iraq, Catalonia, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Algeria, Ecuador, Sudan, Colombia, Haiti, Guinea-Conakry, and other places...We feel that we are sisters and brothers and allies of all these movements throughout the world. We demand the immediate release of all political prisoners and the cessation of state repression.We live in a globalized imperialist system. To change things, we must act together. First, we call for common actions on the weekend of November 16th and 17th and the creation of links between the peoples in struggle.On November 16th and 17th we will celebrate the anniversary of our uprising. We are dedicating it to all the rebellions in the world, to all our allies in the planetary revolt now taking place. We would be happy to celebrate it in solidarity and share it with peoples in revolt everywhere around the world.We invite you to celebrate this anniversary with the first common actions by multiple actions, especially through common banners carrying the following hashtags:#RevolutionEverywhere  #QueSeVayanTodos  الشعب يريد سقوط النظام#Peoples of the all world want the system to fall ! In order to create a channel for connecting all the peoples in revolt, we are creating an email address: revolutioneverywhere(at)  Montpellier, on November 2nd and 3rd, 2019.

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