Jane Fonda's #FireDrillFridays joins #RemoveTrump in mass march on White House

Video: the Capitol Police interference, scene at Trump Hotel, arrival at White House 5 min 38 sec

On the 8th of November, #RemoveTrump joined forces with Jane Fonda's #FireDrillFridays for a massive pro-impeachment march from the US Capitol to the White House. A sit-in was staged there but no reports of arrests at this writing.

Capitol Police repeatedly obstructing the march, possibly expecting the sit-in on "their" streets. Their obstruction could have caused that however if protesters got disgusted and decided to sit down right where they were.Repeated Capitol Police interference slowed the march until it reached 3ed st and the Capitol Police finally disengaged. While Jane Fonda had been arrested at the Capitol the previous four weeks in a row, the interference by the Capitol Police actually increased the risk to them of a disruptive, long-lasting street blockade and CD including her and potentially hundreds of aggravated supporters.

From one end of the march to the other, there were scattered sighting of counterprotesters-and one fascist "journalist" repeatedly attempted to interfere with Indymedia reporting. He culminated with an attempt to sic the Secret Service on an Indymedia reporter, citing a previously litigated matter, the failed (and burned) grand jury subpoena concerning the Aug 2018 "Unite the Right" mess on the Charlottesville anniversary last year.

The previous night (at the Trump Hotel noise demo), a different fascist journalist attempted to interfere with the same reporter, forcing that reporter to exit the area for fear that others would be arrested as they sought to block the harassment and the fascist escalated his behavior. Standard fascist way to fight is to throw one punch, then run behind the cops. It seems the impeachment issue is turning both sides out in the streets. The fascists are getting desperate, as their man Trump faces almost certian impeachment and possible removal in the Senate if there is enough public pressure. This is but the beginning, as the impeachment process is only going to get hotter and the election year hasn't even started yet.

The lead of the march stopped at Trump Hotel for some public shaming

The march departs from the Capitol-and is about to be obstructed by US Capitol Police

This police line obstructed the march on 1st st NE. It was bypassed via the sidewalk but could just as easily have caused the sit-in to be moved to right in front of them

Trump as Hannibal Lector

Trump's pipeline snake oil

Save the Kurds not the oil!

The march arrives at Lafayette Square

This sit-in was held at the White House press area. Author of this report had to leave due to interference from fascist media, no reports of arrests found by 8PM Nov 8

This man in the MAGA hat repeatedly attempted to interfere in the work of an Indymedia reporter.

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