Trump Booed, Impeachment Banners Hung At World Series

Video compiled from many sources on Twitter 1 min 15 sec

On the 27th of October, Donald Trump thought he could turn the 5th game of the World Series (Wash Nationals vs Houston Astros) into a campaign rally for himself. Instead, the whole ballpark erupted into a roaring chorus of boos as soon as he was shown on the jumbotron from his fancy suite. This escalated to chants of "lock him up!" and two separate banners calling for impeachment were set up.

Trump had to sneak in after the first pitch and slink away before the last out, supposedly for traffic reasons but this also made it much harder for fans to do things like say, protesting his motorcade on the way in and out. Such protests have occurred at every State of the Union Address Trump has given, but not with tens of thousands of angry baseball fans in attendance.

Baseball fans tend to be older white men, whom Trump no doubt thought was a favorable demographic. Not in Washington DC it seems! All the rich developers who built the stadium with 100% tax money and a whopping side order of eminent domain certainly didn't expect to see a real estate thug like themselves take such a crushing defeat in their project. As for the fans and DC residents, it looks like they hit this one right out of the ballpark!

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