#JUSTICEFORMONTE rally held in front of PG County Police Station

Video: #JUSTICEFORMONTE rally at PG police station 4 min 26 sec

On the 26th of October, Black Lives Matter activists backed by allies showed up in front of the PG County police station on Barlowe Rd in Landover, MD. They were there to demand that the cops who broke Monte's neck during a traffic stops on Oct 17, the proceeded to break his back too be fired for this outrage. There were rumblings the cops would respond with the SWAT unit, instead they mostly stayed inside in shame.

During the entire protest, police interaction was limited to two cop cars driving by and demanding without success that protesters clear the street and return to the sidewalk. Motorists for their part did not seem to object to the one lane closure, except for the occupants of a single jacked-up pickup truck with white occupants. Many motorists themselves stopped to chat with protesters and honk their horns, blocking the other lane momentarily before moving on to let cars behind them pass. Community support for the protest was obvious.


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