Woman shot and killed by police officer in her own home/Police violence in the USA/Another innocent victim!

WOMAN SHOT AND KILLED BY POLICE OFFICER IN HER OWN HOME/POLICE VIOLENCE IN THE USA!/ANOTHER INNOCENT VICTIM   SEE ALSO  https://www.astridessed.nl/woman-shot-and-killed-by-police-officer-in-her-own-home-police-violence-in-the-usa-another-innocent-victim/    '' Oscar’s killing is personal because his death offends the fundamental principles of justice, every notion of dignity and the idea that through those threads, all of our lives are connected.  As human beings, we are responsible for each other.  His death means that we must work for his justice. '' ABOUT OSCAR GRANT, ANOTHER BLACK VICTIM OF US POLICE BRUTALITY https://www.amnestyusa.org/another-year-another-unarmed-black-man-killed-by-police/     Police violence in the USA is very depressing and not only shows an amount of deep structural racism , but also the insane trigger happiness of many policemen.As I say, not only black people are being deadly shot, white people too But the problem is that reading the percentage of victims, black people are over representated.According to Amnesty International five times more than white people! And almost in the most cases the same story:Police officers are confronted with black men, who are deadly shot, because the police officer tought they were wearing a gun, while in reality it was something innocent like a  mobile phone............This can happen once, or two times, but when it happens each time again it is no ''incident'' anymore, but a form of racism, whether it is conscious or subconscious.It happens too many times!Besides:Investigations show, that there is a disproportionate fear to see criminality in black people, especially tall black men and black men in general There are so many examples of police violence against black people!See under note 6Depressing and good, that movements like''Black lives matter'' is protesting continually.  STUDIES ABOUT POLICE BRUTA;ITY AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE Police brutality against black people is widely acknowledged:Firstly by the facts we see in the news.But the amount of police brutality against black people is shocking in this time, this century, this period: Amnesty International speaks for black Americans as five times likely to be shot as unarmed whote Americans I quote Amnesty International USA ''and unarmed black Americans are five times as likely as unarmed white Americans to be shot and killed by police officers.''  By the way, about USA police trigger happiness:Amnesty International USA also writes: ''Hundreds of people are killed by police every year in the United States.'  According to the Washington Post, in 2016, 962 people were killed by the police , in 2019, 717 people so far  That's a lot of people. ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE:     A recent study reveals, that about 1 in 1,000 black men and boys in America can expect to die at the hands of police That makes them 2.5 times more likely than white men and boys to die during an encounter with cops.....The analysis also showed that Latino men and boys, black women and girls and Native American men, women and children are also killed by police at higher rates than their white peers. But the vulnerability of black males was particularly striking.  THE BLACK WOMAN, WHO WAS SHOT AND KILLED IN HER OWN HOME The reason I wrote this piece in particular is the following shocking incident: In the early morning on saturday 12 october 2019 an 28 year old black woman,Atatiana Jefferson, was shot and killed in her own home by a white Fort Worth police officer In her own home.As newssources say:In her own bedroom! Police arrived at her home after a neighbor called a non-emergency number, stating that Jefferson's front door was open. Police body camera footage showed that when she came to her window to observe police outside her home, Officer Aaron Dean shot through it and killed her. And now the most shocking point:The policeman didn't identify himself as a policeman , just shouted orders and shot immediately, not giving the woman even the chance to respond to his orders.Youtube films give evidence to that.You hear a shouting order, then a shot...... WELL, readers, here was no supposed black criminal, no alleged gun, that was pulled, only an unarmed woman in her home, who was shot....... Because I don't believe the cop's story, that she had a gun, that she pointed out on the officer, based allegedly on the statement of her nephew, a child of 8 years old! Besides this statement of an 8 years old had been debunked!I quote the New York Times:''A gun was found on the floor of Ms. Jefferson’s bedroom near the window. When Ms. Jefferson heard noises coming from outside, she had taken a handgun from her purse and pointed it toward the window, her 8-year-old nephew told officials, according to an arrest warrant released on Tuesday.But the other officer who responded with Mr. Dean said she could only see Ms. Jefferson’s face through the window when Mr. Dean fired, according to the warrant, and Chief Kraus has defended her right to have a gun in her own home.'' And even IF she had a gun in her home, what seemed to be the case since when that is a problem?According to the second amendment of the USA constitution any American inhabitant has the right to bear a weapon!Besides, even the police chief, Kraus, had defended her right to have a gun on her home!  Is it not shocking, readers, that a person is not safe in his or her own house? With right the NAACP gave the following statement: ''UNACCEPTABLE! The acts of yet another “trained” police officer have resulted in the death of #AtatianaJefferson. Gun downed in her own home. If we are not safe to call the police, if we are not safe in our homes, where can we find peace? We demand answers. We demand justice.''   CHARGED WITH MURDER End now, the good news is, that Aaron Y Deal, the white police officer, who shot Atatiana Jefferson in her own home, is being charged for murder.  I personally wonder whether the cop really is going to be convicted, but if he is, I don't hope it is such a mockery of justice, like in a similar case, shortly ago, in which a white female police officer shot a black man, Botham Jean, in his own home, pretending that she believed it was her own apartment and that Jean was a burglar She was merely convicted to ten years prison.  A mockery of justice, according to me and many others. But in the Netherlands it is not at all different: In 2013 a Dutch police officer, who shot the 17 years old Rishi Chadrikasing , who was running away , was acquitted for fatlly shooting Chadrikasing.I called the sentence ''license to kill''   EPILOGUE The police killing of the innocent Atatiana Jefferson, in her own home, shows another day in hell for black people in the USA.Because they are not safe!Black men bear the greatest risks-being seen as dangerous, even when they only show their ID, it mysteriously changes in a gun-but also black women are not safe, even not in their own home.And the fact that a female police officer kills a black man in his own home, telling a nonsense story, that she thought it was her own home and is only convicted to ten years prison , just shows how sick the American society still is! Reason for me to write this piece .And in memory to Atatiana Jefferson and all black and other people, who were victims of police killings. But we are determined to fight on.Untill Justice is done! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!  Astrid EssedAmsterdam  SEE FOR NOTES AND MY COMMENT ON ABC NEWS  https://www.astridessed.nl/woman-shot-and-killed-by-police-officer-in-her-own-home-police-violence-in-the-usa-another-innocent-victim/   OR   https://astridessed.weebly.com/blog/woman-shot-and-killed-by-police-officer-in-her-own-homepolice-violence-in-the-usaanother-innocent-victim 

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