Smithsonian Police harass Black Lives Matter activists at Atatiana Jefferson Vigil

Video from Black Lives Matter DC Twitter video 2 min 8 sec

On the 16th of October, Black Lives Matter activists showed up at the Museum of African-American History on the Mall to hold a vigil honoring Atatiana Jefferson, who was shot by a Texas cop while playing video games in her own home. Smithsonian Police became quite aggressive in demanding one activist move her car

The cops finally backed off the worst of their aggression when their own behavior was cited as a reason the activist in the car would NOT leave, for fear of leaving others at risk from the same cops.

The cops agreed not to target others if the car was moved, the car was moved, and the cops left the rest of the vigil in peace. Black Lives Matter 1, Smithsonian cops zero. Their objective no doubt was to support their fellow cops in Texas by running off a vigil honoring Atatiana Jefferson, who was shot by their comrades in Texas.

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