Extinction Rebellion DC protests Bolsonaro burning the Amazon Rainforest

HD Video highlights of the protest against Bolsonaro's fires in the Amazon 2 min 14 sec

On the 26th of August, Extinction Rebellion's DC chapter staged a noisy protest at the Embassy of Brazil in response to the suddent wave of fires in the Amazon Rainforest. Brazil's fascist, Trump-like president Bolsonaro has fired the scientists who revealed the wave of fires, and his supporters in land-hungry agrobusinessnesses are suspected of setting many of the fires.

Bolsonaro can be called "the arsonist of the Amazon" for the sudden wave of fires in the rainforest. At one point, chanting protesters called for a boycott of Brazilian beef, cattle ranchers being one of the main beneficiaries of slash-and-burn agriculture along with soybean plantations. The example of BDS (boycott/divestment/sanctions) as used against the former South African apartheid regime was invoked, poining out that South Africa's embassy is right across the street from that of Brazil. One speaker flatly called Bolsonaro the third wave of authoritarian government of Brazil, saying he is recycling failed ideas about "developing" the Amazon previously promoted by the former military regime.

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