All out DC against the alt-right on July 6

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This June, the neo-nazi group National Socialist Movement attacked pride in Detroit. Escorted in by the police; the fascists tore up PRIDE flags, yelled racial slurs at Black people, and physically intimidated a number of PRIDE attendees.Acts of vandalism, intimidations, and protests have already happened elsewhere. Similar right wing demonstrations are getting planned in Seattle, DC (JULY 6), and Portland.

The same group of people who attended Unite The Right, Who terrorized and murdered people in the streets of Charlottesville two years ago; Are taking their hate on a nation wide tour. This is the the street movement of the Trump agenda, we have to shut them down wherever they go. Proud boys and other members of the alt-right are rallying in DC on July 6th, 12pm, at Freedom Plaza

Speakers includes Laura Loomer, a banned Twitter-personality notorious for promoting Islamophobia;
Mike Cernovich, who speaks openly in favor of date rape;
Milo Yiannopoulus, who harassed trans women at AU, taught College Republicans to snitch on the undocumented, and sang America the Beautiful in front of neo-nazi Richard Spencer
Gavin McInnes founder of the Proud Boys;
Proud boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio;
Jack Posobiec who created the Pizza Gate conspiracy;
Roger Stone who helped steal an election.
We expect this to be one of the largest far-right events since unite the right
and possibly one of the largest far-right rally in DC since 2002.

We cannot allow these violent fascists to prevent us from standing up to state violence, murderous police, ICE, and the rise of authoritarianism. Together we can shut down the alt-right and put an end to Borders, Prisons and Trump's white supremacist vision once and for all.

All out DC,
All out Portland,
All out Seattle.

All out DC July 6 10 AM Pershing Park, #Mutethealtright

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