Protesters at Embassy of Honduras condemn shooting protesters, imprisoning dissidents

Video featuring speakers on that fake "election" and Irish multinational fruit planter Fyffes 3 min 13 sec

On the 27th of June, protesters showed up at the Embassy of Honduras to condemn the shooting of protesters by the US-backed coup regime and demand the release of political prisoners. Unlike the failed coup attempts in Venezuala, US backed coup plotters siezed power in Honduras in 2009 after the previous government raised the minimim wage.

Speakers at the protest condemned the fraudulent "election" held with US support and interference in 2017, and Irish multinational fruit plantation owner Fyffes. Fyffes responded to attempts by workers to organize by locking them in a room and demanding resignation with notaries etc present. At one point a Fyffes representative in Honduras had the nerve to tell workers a single piece of fruit was worth more than they were! Sounds like United Fruit all over again. Please DO NOT BUY any melons or other fruit from Fyffes in your local grocery store.

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