Trump threatens urban migrant communities (possibly including DC) with ICE raids

During the week of June 16, Donald Trump publicly threatened (via Twitter) to send ICE agents into urban neighborhoods to last known addresses of migrants (including families with children) that ICE has not been able to find and deport. The raids are supposed to start in about a week. This means Trump wants his racial purity police to launch raids on places and at approximate times where they are expected.

The Washington Post has warned that these raids normally are organized in utter secrecy to avoid tipping off those targetted by ICE. Trump himself blew that, so the Post expects that few if any of the targets of the raids will still be at addresses to which ICE sent notices to appear for deportation. The raids however will place all other residents of targetted buildings at risk for "collateral arrests" and that might be Trump's true intention with the raids. This is what happened when ICE agents backed by MPD assaulted a migrant apartment building on 16th st last summer (2018).

ICE and DHS are also not pleased with having to launch raids on positions where they are expected, for all of the usual reasons. Back in 1984 under Ronald Reagan, the FBI and MPD vice squad had planned a series of raids on Gay male strip joints and clubs then popular with cisgender male sex workers. The Washington Blade got wind of the report and ran a warning story titled "Rumors of raids." Patrons and staffers at the clubs prepared for the raids, and the pigs never showed up. The author of this report was present that night at what was the La Cage Aux Follies on O st SE.

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