DC to be left holding the bag for Trump's July 4 security costs

On the 4th of July, Donald Trump plans to speak at the Lincoln Memorial,effectively turning July 4th into a MAGAT-infested campaign rally for his re-election plans. This has created a financial problem for DC, as "security" costs will run into the millions. The Washington Post reports that Trump and the Federal government never paid DC back for all those riot cops and prosecutors needed to "secure" J20, and now Trump wants to go again. The Federal government also has stopped paying into the "security" fund DC will have to dip into to cover all these unpaid bills.

Apparently the DC government and Mayor Bowser got stuck with paying millions last time around for those miles of barricades and riot cops deployed by the thousands, and millions more on the failed J20 prosecution after Trump's inauguration. All of that does not come cheap, and Trump knows it. One well-known Trump business practice is attempting to avoid paying his suppliers, settling for about 75 cents on the dollar and warning that any lawsuit will face his high-priced attorneys. Now he proposes to treat DC this way, and not for the first time.

There is of course something DC can do about it: withhold all security assistance, telling Trump to rely solely on Federal police agencies. DC could even deny all permits issued by MPD for Trump, but that might face a First Amendment challenge. If DC says streets will remain open and MPD will be miles away, Trump will have no choice but to cancel his verbal July 4 fireworks just like he had to cancel his military parade. That in turn might take the wind of the the sails of alt-right fascist rallies planned in DC for July 3, July 5, and especially July 6 when everyone from Laura Loomer to the violent "Proud Boys" will befoul Freedom Plaza.

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