Chelsea Manning sent back to jail after resisting second grand jury

On the 16th of May, Chelsea Manning was sent back to jail after refusing to testify before a second Federal grand jury asking the same questions as the first grand jury whose term ran out the previous week. She had only been free a week after two months in the hands of Virginia's jailors.

An interesting legal development is that since Julian Assange has already been indicted and this investigation also concerns Julian Assange, there is no legal reason for any grand jury(who function is only to issue indictments) to continue this investigation. Thus, it appears that the Trump regime is simply determined to send Chelsea back to jail and/or prison any way they can, for any excuse of any kind.

HD Video-Chelsea Manning speaks outside the Albert V. Bryan U.S. District Courthouse before being jailed again 4 min 40 sec

Chelsea Manning speaks in front of the Federal Hall of Injustice in Alexandria, VA

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