Unknown fascist draws swastika on window of activist car

Late night on April 20-21, an unknown person left a swastika drawn in black marker ink on the right side window of an anti-fascist activist's car. This is in the wake of the defeat of attempts by Patriot Front to post their propaganda in Washington DC. The full car is not being shown here, and the activist not named so as not to confirm anyone's identification of the car.

Drawing swastikas on people's cars, houses, etc has traditionally be considered a terrorist threat as well as a hate crime. While some draw this symbol as random nuisance vandalism, the car in question was parked in a long line of cars and is used by a high-profile anti-Fascist (antifa) activist. Thus this is being presumed a deliberate attack and a threat from fascists until proven otherwise.

Fascists have done poorly both in street confrontations and in the "doxing war" in Washington DC and elsewhere ever since Donald Trump took office. Richard Spencer was successfully driven from his former home on King St in Alexandria, which was advertised as available for rent early in March. Other fascists would do well to beware of provoking anti-fascists activists and put away their graffiti implements, parking them back in the closet alongside the tiki torches and Pepe the Frog/Kekistan flags from 2017.

A black ink swastika on a glass car window is difficult to photograph in the full sun of the next day(when it was discovered)

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