Video: Indigenous People's March descends on Washington DC

On the 18th of January, the Indigenous People's March came together at the Department of the Interior from all over Turtle Island. From there the march proceeded to the Lincoln Memorial. Three speakers there featured on video: a welcome to Piscataway land, a warning not to take buyouts from petroleum companies, and an Ojibwe great-grandmother on how so many prophecies such as the Black Snake are coming true

Video-the march and three spectacular Indigenous speakers 8 min 15 sec

Update Jan 19:Trigger warning-heavy duty brownshirt behavior! MAGA-hatted students from Covington Catholic High School break away from March for Life, surround and harass elder at Indigenous Peoples' March 3 min 54 sec first 1 min 20 sec silent

The march on Constitution Ave

Gathering at the Dept of the Interior

Setting out

Marching to the Mall

The main banner

No Word for Wall!

We are still here

Speakers took the stage at the Lincoln Memorial

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