Homeless shelter at DC General closed by Mayor Bowser

On the 31st of October, the Washington Post reported that Mayor Bowser has closed the family homeless shelter at DC General. The post reports this fulfulls one of her campaign promises. The Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post did NOT report that this makes the site ready for a possible Amazon HQ2 project where DC General now stands. The Post admitted 9 familes were disqualified from further housing assistance for "rule violations" and claims others have been housed as of the last weekend of October 2018.

Mayor Bowser may find that her "hard work" closing the family shelter at DC General did not produce the results she desired, as the big developers are now expecting that Amazon will build their "HQ2" second headquarters in northern Virginia, and putting their money in that direction. Virginia has a strong network of toll roads that allow wealthy bosses to get to their offices quickly, while bypassing their workers in stalled traffic on regular lanes. Virginia is the most anti-union of the three states (MD, DC, VA) in this area. Also, Virginia is far less likely to respond to Amazon the way DC did to Wal-Mart, by passing new laws raising wages or forcing better working conditions that giant megacorporations hate. Amazon is considered by many to be to Wal-Mart as Wal-Mart is to normal retail stores.

Meanwhile, most of the network of shelters supposedly in all wards Muriel Bowser had promised would replace DC General have NOT opened. Several of them wilted under the barrage of NIMBYism from upscale white residents in DC's wealthier wards. Of course, for Muriel Bowser's campaign cash sources this is no problem, as she can always use more police and more jump-outs to drive homeless familes away.

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