#WontBeErased: Transgender activists and allies protest at Zorbas, staff or management calls the cops

Video from Zorbas (960x540 resolution) 2 min 58 sec

On the 26th of October, transgender activists and allies showed up at Zorbas Cafe, a supposedly GLBTQ friendly restaurant just north of Dupont Circle in DC. They were there to educate diners about the ongoing murder of transgender people and especially transgender people of color in the US. The case of Crystal Lee was cited as an example. The response by Zorba's staff was to summon the police.

After a somewhat frenzied police convergence in the streets on the restaurant, police took no action against the protesters, who went on to repeat this educational protest in two more restaurants before wrapping up for the night.

All of this comes as Donald Trump seeks to erase transgender people from even existing with his "birth certificate gender" policies. Looks like Donald Trump is more than one kind of birther. Transgender folks are vowing they #WontBeErased .

The scene inside Zorbas as transgender activists and their friends held an educational "mic-check" intended to last five minutes

Manager or staffer calling the cops on protesters

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