"Supervillains" visit Congress for FERC nominee Bernard McNamee

On the 16th of October, activists from Beyond Extreme Energy dressed as "Supervillains" to mockingly lobby for confirmation of Trump's new FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) nominee Bernard McNamee. Supervillains included Columbus, the Joker, the Ghost of Fossil Fuels Past, the UnderTrumper(a mining fanatic), and more.

Beyond Extreme Energy Video of "Supervillains" inside the Senate Office Buildings

Video-BXE activists show off the various "SuperVillain" costumes before going into the Hart building

The Joker and Christopher Columbus-just two of the Supervillains supporting Trump's nomination of Bernard McNamee to FERC

The Ghost of Fossil Fuels Past (L) and the Joker (R)

The "UnderTrumper" AKA the "UnderMiner"

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