Skirmishes break out at Supreme Court after Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh

Video of confrontations with aggressive anti-choice activists

On the 9th of July, Donald Trump nominated Brett M. Kavanaugh to be the next new Supreme Court "justice." A large number of protesters gathered at the Supreme Court after his nomination was announced. As right-wingers sought to disrupt a large progressive protest they were surrounded and drowned out by an angry crowd.

Kavenaugh was involved in Kenneth Starr's GOP witch-hunt against Bill Clinton over oral sex, and is it believed that he would not have been nominated if he would even consider upholding Roe vs Wade. Roe Vs Wade, GLBTQ marriage rights, and even the right of a married woman to buy contraceptives without notorized permission from her husband may all be at risk if Brett Kavanaugh is ever confirmed.

Another threat is the "Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 ," a bill in Congress to protect White Nationalists(Nazis), ICE agents, and others whose actions horrify the public from any kind of public protest. The bill would make any "intimidating" act carried out while wearing a mask a felony carrying a prison term of up to 15 years. ANY protest against an individual can be considered intimidating no matter what the format. Protesters who publicly oppose the alt-right without wearing masks expose themselves to almost guaranteed publication of their names and home addresses on neo-Nazi websites. Thus this law is engineered to force anyone daring to oppose the alt-right to choose between risking a J20 style felony prosecution or risking a terrorist attack on their home from the far-right. Needless to say, the odds that a Supreme Court with a 6-3 GOP majority including two Trump nominees would overturn this law are close to zero. Even the name "Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018" is a direct reference to the April 2017 "Unmasking Antifa" public event held in the wake of J20 by DC area anti-Fascists.

The Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 was referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary on the 8th of July, with Trump preparing his Supreme Court nomination that was as expected announced the next day. It was a known certainty that Trump would nominate an extreme "conservative" so this meant the constitutionality of a law designed to remove free speech protections from opposition to Trump's "Make America White Again" agenda would no longer be an issue. It is unlikely that this is a cooincidence, and show just how dangerous the Trump regime truly is. From sexual and health choices to the right to defend small children from family separation, all is under determined, incredibly ruthless attack.

Thus, it is no surprise that announcement of Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court would lead to skirmishes and shoving matches in front of the Supreme Court. The rest of the world can see the chaos and disorder Trump is sowing play out right in front of this courthouse and right behind the US Capitol.

Confronting a bullhorn-wielding anti-choice activist who bulled his way into a progressive crowd

Right winger surrounded after barging into the crowd

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